Members and Guests

Ensure that the Club’s materials and facilities remain clean and tidy (changing rooms, showers and courts.)

Only suitable tennis attire is permitted on the courts including appropriate tennis shoes (shirts are required, no jeans or other unsuitable clothes).

Reservations and use of the courts

A game of either singles or doubles lasts 60 minutes which includes the sweeping of the court (Courts 4, 5 and 6). When extremely busy, the Committee may require players to join up to play a game of doubles.

The booking of a court is effected by inserting the Membership Card and/or Guest Ticket (see § 8 & 9) into the chosen time slot on the reservations’ board of the Club House. The base of the card, placed horizontally, indicates the end of the 60 minutes period. If it is not possible to play immediately, players may reserve the next possible 60 minutes period available, without leaving free time between reservations. Bookings cannot be made using the card of a third party and it is forbidden to transfer or move cards.

At least one player needs to be present at the club between the booking being made and the commencement of the game.

Membership cards must display a recent photo. If this is not the case, a member of the Committee may confiscate the membership card at any time and the member be denied the right to play.

Members requiring a duplicate membership card will be charged CHF 10.-. Any member playing without displaying their membership card will be fined CHF 15.-.

Guests and Court Rental

Any member wishing to invite a guest to play will reserve their hour by purchasing a guest ticket at the restaurant or from Ricardo Huarcaya before the game. For a singles’ game (1 guest) the ticket price is CHF 15.-, for a doubles’ game (2 or 3 guests), CHF 30.- . Children and juniors will pay CHF 5.-.

Non-members visiting the Club may rent a court from Monday to Friday and from 10h00 to 17h00 at a court rental charge of CHF 30.- to be paid at the restaurant or to Ricardo Huarcaya before the start of the game. The guest ticket should be placed in the reservations’ board.


Unless accompanied by an adult, children aged 15 and under are not allowed to play after 18h00 from Monday to Friday nor on Saturdays and Sundays between 9h00 and 12h00, unless there is a court free; although junior players must give up their court immediately if asked to do so by an adult member.


Membership fees and/or fees for collectif courses will NOT be reimbursed in case of accident, illness or move.

The daily opening hours of the Tennis Club are as indicated on the noticeboard, accordingly, from 7h30 to 22h00.

The Committee has the right to reserve courts at any time in respect of club tournaments and tennis courses.

The Committee reserves the right to amend the current rules during the season should it become necessary to do so.